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Forex Factory Economic Calendar

The Forex Factory Economic Calendar is a comprehensive tool that provides traders with real-time updates on important economic events and their potential impact on currency markets. It offers several key features:

1. Calendar View:

Displays scheduled economic events on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
Events are color-coded based on their potential market impact: high, medium, and low.

2. Event Details:

Provides detailed information about each event, including:
Event name and description
Release date and time (GMT and local)
Forecast and previous values
Actual value (as released)
Historical data

3. Impact Analysis:

Estimates the potential impact of each event on currency pairs.
The impact is determined based on historical data and market sentiment.

4. Market Reaction Charts:

Shows live charts of currency pair reactions to economic events.
Traders can analyze price movements and identify trading opportunities.

5. News and Commentary:

Provides real-time news articles and analysis from leading financial publications.
Helps traders stay informed about market developments and their implications.

6. Filters and Customization:

Allows traders to filter events by country, currency, importance, and impact.
Users can also customize the calendar to display only the events they are interested in.

Accessing the Forex Factory Economic Calendar:

Visit the Forex Factory website (
Click on the «Calendar» tab in the top menu bar
You can also access the calendar directly at

The Forex Factory Economic Calendar is an essential tool for forex traders who want to stay up-to-date on market-moving events and make informed trading decisions.

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