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Technical Analysis:

Trend Following: Identifying and trading in the direction of established market trends.
Chart Patterns: Analyzing price patterns for potential trade setups, such as double tops/bottoms, head and shoulders, and flags.
Technical Indicators: Using mathematical formulas to identify trends, momentum, and support/resistance levels, e.g., Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index, Bollinger Bands.
Fibonacci Levels: Applying ratios from Fibonacci sequences to identify potential areas of support and resistance.
Price Action: Trading based on the price movements themselves, without relying on indicators.

Fundamental Analysis:

Economic Data: Monitoring economic releases (e.g., GDP, inflation, employment) to assess their impact on currency values.
Political Events: Considering the effects of political developments (e.g., elections, policy changes) on currencies.
Interest Rates: Evaluating the impact of changes in central bank interest rates on currency values.
Supply and Demand: Analyzing the balance between supply and demand for currencies in the global market.
News and Sentiment: Monitoring financial news and market sentiment to gauge the potential direction of currency pairs.

Hybrid Approaches:

Technical + Fundamental Analysis: Combining both technical and fundamental methods to provide a comprehensive view of the market.
Sentiment Analysis: Using data from social media, news articles, and surveys to assess the sentiment towards a particular currency pair.
Machine Learning: Applying algorithms to identify patterns and make predictions based on historical data.


Educational Platforms:

Trading View

Brokerage Platforms:

MetaTrader 4/5
Trading Station

Blogs and Websites:

Forex Factory
Trading Heroes


«Forex Trading for Beginners» by Anna Coulling
«The Forex Trading Course» by Kathy Lien
«Technical Analysis for Beginners» by Adam Grimes
«Currency Trading for Dummies» by Jeffry R. Carter

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